Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Episode 21! Phoebe Freeport!

Host: Angrod Losshelin
Co-Host: Mr. X
Guest: Coelomate
Guest: Coelomate’s Mom (Tarus)


New Sections and Organization:

New Co-Hosts! We have accepted DEMtotheDOG and MR X. as our most humble and gracious Co-Hosts and Slaves in true Amarrian Fashion!


Phoebe FreePort Republic: What is happening - Penguins in Pajama’s and Coelomates mom taking his candy.

Do I have edit access?

I do! Cool!

Reddit is fun!

Head diplo is grumpy cat personified.

Wormhole News:

NOHO’s - Successful defence of their homeland. Who were invaded by HK, LazerHawks, QEX, and others. Over 100 Billion destroyed! Out numbered and out gunned NOHO truely showed why they are one of the oldest reigning Lords of W-Space.

Low Class WH’s have their profitability increased almost 3 fold. With buy orders for Neural Network Analyzers will pay out 200,000 isk and Sleeper Data Libraries will be purchased for 500,000 isk. A great increase from 50,000 and 200,000.

Praise the Bob: http://www.bobinmyhole.com/iskmakingmeathods-parttwo/

Carbon-86 Epoxy Resin
With Fuel Cost
Without Fuel Cost

Total: $2,056,582,080 every 30 days minus fuel costs and material costs since you can get two reactions per tower but only have to pay fuel cost from one of the reactions.

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  1. I'd like to be on as a Rep. for The Serenity Initiative. Primary advisary to their "Freeport" Crusade.

    Orion Sa-Solo
    Yulai Heavy Industries