Monday, April 6, 2015

Update on Angrod and PraiseBob Podcast

This post is late in coming and I apologize greatly, I have been ill since Fanfest and blame Iceland for giving me spaceaids. As you may have noticed our cast has been dwindling as of late. I am going to go offline for a small amount of time and reboot what PraiseBob was meant to be.


  1. I wanted PraiseBob to be newbie friendly and to connect with new players and encourage them to join this amazing game. This needs new focus and better content from us.
  2. I wanted to encourage players to enter WH space. I want to give WH space a reason to listen to podcasts and provide fun and alternative content to our fun and alternative play style. This sadly has devolved into more of a once a month new splurge about shit that doesn't really matter in the long run to WH space whatsoever.
  3. Multi-boxing, I wanted also recently to become a voice for the multi-boxing community. I have worked with ShadowandLight as well as Lord and well honestly the majority of the multi-boxing community doesn't seem to care or want representation. So I am now officially removing myself from the lime light in-regards to multi-boxing. I will reitterate that I am and always will be a multi-box supporter and am continuing to multi-box. There are however others who know more and are willing to work with the fragile community we have.
Now, many of you may have noticed that I am no longer CEO of Oath of the Forsaken. This is in relation to my joining of BL and their corporation Origin.

I am not and will not claim any leadership or leadership contact. I am simply a line member looking to rekindle my love for this game from the game itself and not the community or media. i have lost my way and Bob has decree'd that I am to leave WH space to regrow my appreciation for its love and wonder.

With that being said I am still in WH space on my second main Trogdor and still participate in Oaths ongoing fun, just no longer in a Leadership Position.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Episode 27

Host: Angrod Losshelin
CoHost: Mr.X
CoHost: DEM

Download Here


Angrod for CSM X - Voting Time! Check out the latest in the crusade or witchhunt against multi-boxers.

Let talk about CSM: 77 candidates...WOW only 15 will make it, who will break it? Go to to see who thinks likee you!

CCP Pelgio
"This is more or less CCP’s stance on multiboxing, if you filed a ticket asking if you can multibox, in a nutshell it says that CCP will never sanction or authorize use of a third party program because we don’t have control over the feature set. That’s why there might be some confusion because there is a sort of grey area. We will action on it if […] This is the stance outlined on the third party policy page on our website. So this is the amount of accounts we have flagged […] ISboxers will frequently contact us because it is a grey area […] We have stats on what ISboxers are doing […] but there’s no standard ISboxer. Peligro's edit: Refer to

Some of the first drifters are being killed!

X’s Corner/Dumpster

Svipul is out! Super cool ship with alot of potential.

CosPlay at Fanfest:
NPE Changes:


DEM’s Nerfbat Report

T3 Defensive Subs Nerf

Sentry Drone Nerf

No fighter assist
Ishtar damage reduced by 25%

A Huge thanks to those who make songs about eve:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Episode 26 - Silver Lining

Host: Angrod Losshelin
CoHost: Mr.X
CoHost: DEM
Guest ShadowandLight

Download Here


Angrod for CSM X - More multi-boxing fiasco’s and Angrod’s censored stuff. Check out the latest in the crusade or witchhunt against multi-boxers.

There may be a silver lining though. A very small clarification was made on EveRadio by CCP Falcon

VideoFX and other features outside Input Duplication is not considered an offense.

Thera Jump Clone Service and

Thera Post is a corporation that provides clone service to Thera.
How it works....
You apply to join Thera post and I accept your application. Once you are a member of Thera Post, Simply follow these 6 steps.

#1 Dock in a station with medical services.
#2 Click on the medical services icon.
#3 Click on the “change station” button.
#4 Select the “Thera XII-The Sanctuary Surveillance Observatory” office.
#5 Leave ship.(right click your ship and select ”leave ship”)
#6 Click the “Self Destruct” button.

Now you are in Thera and may leave corporation. is a simple solution to all of your eve media and community needs. Quite simply its simple and thats why we love it!

X’s Corner/Dumpster

DEM’s Tinfoil Factory
My current feeling is that the Sisters were somehow able to establish a stable wormhole to Thera. This allowed them to build the stations there. Then something happened and the connection was severed. I'm guessing some sort of device that uses isogen-5 was used to keep the wormhole stable. I'm guessing this device was destroyed the explosion of which was Caroline's star
Large scale isogen-5 detonations seem to cause tears in spacetime (Seyllin incident).
So this one had two 3 main effects
1.opening the new wormholes to shattered systems

2. Somehow disrupting the Sansha's Nation ability to create and control steady wormholes at will.

3. Damaged the cloaking devices of sleeper structures that were already in K-space for who knows how long (the unidentified structures)
I think the Seekers are just security / recon drones that were in/on on the unidentified structures that were activated when the structure's cloaking devices were damaged
Bottom line, what's really going on
I think The Other is trying to start a war between The Sleepers and the empires of New Eden. So that he can then third party it (by taking control of
all the clone soldiers that have sleeper implants in them) and basically conquer the New Eden cluster
Really its The Other (an intelligent entity born solely of the virtual reality simulation of the sleepers, invading the corporeal universe

Quoted from MMMJJJ on our corp groupme

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Episode 25

Host: Angrod Losshelin
CoHost: Mr.X

Introductions - Holidays and Bronchitis

Download Here

Angrod for CSM X

First show me some support here:

My main area of contention regarding these frigates is actually the scanning rigs themselves. Which would in turn assist tech two and SOE faction ships. Currently scanning rigs T1 are 200 calibration with T1 scanning frigates only having 400 available to use. This means at max they can receive a 20% bonus to scanning.

Angrod invited to Fanfest. Things just worked out :)

Thera Jump Clone Service

I think Thera Post is the best service to talk about becues it is running smoothly. EVE Archive is working but I need more scanners putting bookmarks on contracts befor it becomes a 24/7 working service.

Thera Post is a corporation that povides clone service to Thera.
How it works....
You apply to join Thera post and I accept your application. Once you are a member of Thera Post, Simply fallow these 6 steps.

#1 Dock in a station with medical services.
#2 Click on the medical services icon.
#3 Click on the “change station” button.
#4 Select the “Thera XII-The Sanctuary Surveillance Observatory” office.
#5 Leave ship.(right click your ship and select ”leave ship”)
#6 Click the “Self Destruct” button.

Now you are in Thera and may leave corporation.

Who qualifies?
#1 If you are a new Capsuleer. (30 days or newer)
#2 If you have not moved your medical clone in the last year.

why? ccp changed how we move around EVE in the last update.
(quote from Dev Blog....)

“You can normally only move your medical clone to the station you are currently docked in.
You can always set your medical clone to your starter corporation’s HQ station.
This removes the method of moving your clone and then podkilling yourself to quickly teleport at will.

Once per year, characters can move their medical clone to either their corp HQ, or any station in which their corporation has an office. This option does not accumulate if it is unused.
For characters less than 30 days old, every time they change corp this counter will reset and they will be able to move their clone again.
This makes it easier for new players to move to where their new corp is based, now that they can no longer podjump there. Older players are assumed to be capable of relocating themselves without assistance.”
-Dev Blog.

This service is free and I don't even talk to people using the it unless they ask me a question. I just want it to operate like Estel Jumpclone Service. Most people have used that service and love it. I don't think they have jumpclone service to thera, there are no agents in the stations in Thera.

X’s corner/dumpster

Coming in Proteus:

Combat recons Dscan immune

New Exequror Hull

Module Teiricide continues

Gravel in Asteroid belts (originally supposed to be Rhea

New stuff for beta map

Small mining anoms in starter systems

Removal of teams from production/research

Aura in German/Russian

New music/Proteus Theme music from CCP RealX
Avaliable here

Sov progress update: They’re working on it. Nothing new really

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 24

Host: Angrod Losshelin
CoHost: Mr.X
CoHost: Dem



Corp News, updates, etc.

The Confessor - Ultimate Hunting Tackle

-High power
6x Small Focused Pulse Laser II
1x Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher

-Medium power
1x Limited 1MN Microwarpdrive I
1x Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler I
1x Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I

-Low power
1x Adaptive Nano Plating II
1x Heat Sink II
1x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
1x 400mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
1x Small Ancillary Armor Repairer

-Rig Slot
1x Small Trimark Armor Pump II
1x Small Anti-Thermic Pump II
1x Small Ancillary Current Router II

8x Nanite Repair Paste
6x Imperial Navy Multifrequency S

Made to jump on shit, scan it down, or just kill it.

Angrod for CSM X

Forum rage and love:

I have stirred some honeypots and kicked some beehives.
#You should buy me a new Proteus, bro#
I plan on being alot more vocal about my campaign.

I want to talk about Wormholes in the New Player Experience

X’s corner/dumpster
Rhea is here!

New T3 dessie - Expensive as fuark
Bowhead - Gank magnet
Blackbird and derivatives have a dope new hull - I will actually fly a falcon now.
Onyx and Eagle get new, slightly differing models - Overall mostly the same, stuff like hidden launchers ect.
Ishkur, Enyo and Incursus Hull “redesigned” - looks mostly the same.

100 Shattered WHs
No clones - Yay, EVEmon keeps bitching about insufficient clone though.
Sleeper Cache sites - Extremely rare high end PvE
Polarized weapons - who cares?

Graphics / UI

PBR - Amarr seems to benefit the most, Gallente looks good. Caldari and Minmitar left out on this. Will be updated to fix this at a later date.
No T3 Strat Cruisers have PBR yet :(
Dope new UI. - Still a few niggles like warnings darkening everything else, gets you killed
Can’t figure out what half the new icons are.
Updated Notifications are configurable - Good
New Beta map - Cool but somewhat difficult to read
New Visual effects in asteroid belts - Lots of gravel floating about.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Multiboxers Crucified (Episode 23)

Host: Angrod Losshelin
Guest: ShadowandLight
Guest: Dirk MacGirk

Download Here!


(Angrod) Shadow change - proposed changes to multiboxing by CCP on Jan 1st.

First off I would encourage people to rid themselves of ignorance regarding this issue and educate yourselves. These are the websites we use to multibox, we are not botters, we are not cheaters, we pay more for our game than anyone else.

Dear CCP, Multiboxing is a huge challenge and time investment, taken on by those who love your game. Don't hurt the dedicated players who have poured countless hours into EVE by banning multiboxing.

Input duplication vs multiboxing
Edit: a clarification for those trying to walk the line between multiboxing and input duplication. I realize ccp is banning input duplication, but I think that the other capabilities of isboxer and similar software, as soon as the mob gets worked up over it, will ensure that owning 2 accounts is "unfair". The main purpose of isboxer is input duplication, allowing you to control multiple accounts as if one person. Removing that feature is a huge blow and on the path to a complete removal of management of alts with any efficiency.

Side Question, is all this about CCP trying to stop ganking???

1st let me say that I have multiboxed in EVE for as long as I can remember, probably it's one of the main reasons I've stayed interested in the same game outside of the increasing diminishing larger scale PVP fights.

Please read the probably too long letter below. I love Eve and all its challenges. There are many dedicated people like myself who love the game and that's why we have multiple accounts and have spent countless hours trying to become competent in multiboxing.

To me, Multiboxing is an end game level content. I spend hours.. weeks learning about the various task I'm going to undertake (recently it's been incursions or bombing), designing and testing fits, dying in horrible fire's while adapting to try and overcome the challenge.

Unlike some, I choose to pay for my accounts with cash. Yes, all my alts I pay for with cash and have never plexed my accounts. Eve is a hobby of mine, like RC planes, model training sets, golfing or any other hobby. I've designed, built and continue to upgrade 2 very high end computers so that my multi boxing experience is smoother and faster, especially as Eve's clients get better graphics or I engage in content with more and more people.

This policy doesn't just hurt the people with dozens of miners, the guy with 50 proteus accounts in wormhole space, the multi boxing haulers or any specific niche. It hurts everyone in EVE.

If this policy is enforced to appease the vocal minority, it's end result will hurt everyone. If you wanted an alt to help you salvage or run missions faster, if you wanted a 2nd hauler to get your minerals moved around the ever larger New Eden... The example are nearly endless.

Mineral pricing, ship and module costs, invention success all will get more expensive, hurting the already fragile industry.

Yes, I am sure to the average player seeing someone with 10 mining accounts when you can barely afford one hulk is annoying and frustrating. However that is part of the same reason that the person your being angry at starred another account and learned how to run 2 accounts at once, then learned how to afford that account. They saw someone else with "more" and instead of pounding on the desk declaring how unfair the world is, they decided to adapt and become better, faster and more efficient themselves.

You see I can't help but detect some level of "it's not fair" attitude among some here who are against multi boxing. I see a thread of complaints bordering on "if I can't do it because of x, y or z you can't do it either."

Star Citizen is an example. I'm not going to spend thousands of dollars in that game, for many reasons, but I appreciate those who do. They are paying the company for better ships and items, helping that company and in turn improving their game experience. Except like Eve and multiboxing it's a fair playing field. Anyone could start a 2nd or 10 alts, all that's stopping them is money and learning the skill to control them effectively.

I feel this policy is extremely short sited. It will cost the players a tremendous amount, it will hurt the bottom line of CCP needlessly and instead placates a group of people who will surely move on to the next pitch fork issue like how unfair of an advantage officer modules are because they can't afford them.

But all that aside, your hurting the dedicated players like myself who aim to be better and more challenged in EVE. We are all extremely dedicated and loyal players, who have stayed in EVE because we love the challenge of the game and want to be ever improving in it. We've spent way more time invested into EVE partly because of our ability to multi box, have spent an enormous amount of money on our hobby which we didn't spend with another game (even the people with only 1 or 2 mining alts or ratters are vital to your game).

The call for people to remove "input duplication" (soon multiboxing all together im sure) is a case of mob mentality from people who don't understand the benefits they are gaining from it, the effort and time people put into it or how much it has helped keep CCP afloat all these years.

Multiboxers are already finding work arounds

Regarding work arounds we are already finding solutions with even adding any features to isboxer or similar software.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Episode 21! Phoebe Freeport!

Host: Angrod Losshelin
Co-Host: Mr. X
Guest: Coelomate
Guest: Coelomate’s Mom (Tarus)


New Sections and Organization:

New Co-Hosts! We have accepted DEMtotheDOG and MR X. as our most humble and gracious Co-Hosts and Slaves in true Amarrian Fashion!


Phoebe FreePort Republic: What is happening - Penguins in Pajama’s and Coelomates mom taking his candy.

Do I have edit access?

I do! Cool!

Reddit is fun!

Head diplo is grumpy cat personified.

Wormhole News:

NOHO’s - Successful defence of their homeland. Who were invaded by HK, LazerHawks, QEX, and others. Over 100 Billion destroyed! Out numbered and out gunned NOHO truely showed why they are one of the oldest reigning Lords of W-Space.

Low Class WH’s have their profitability increased almost 3 fold. With buy orders for Neural Network Analyzers will pay out 200,000 isk and Sleeper Data Libraries will be purchased for 500,000 isk. A great increase from 50,000 and 200,000.

Praise the Bob:

Carbon-86 Epoxy Resin
With Fuel Cost
Without Fuel Cost

Total: $2,056,582,080 every 30 days minus fuel costs and material costs since you can get two reactions per tower but only have to pay fuel cost from one of the reactions.