Monday, April 6, 2015

Update on Angrod and PraiseBob Podcast

This post is late in coming and I apologize greatly, I have been ill since Fanfest and blame Iceland for giving me spaceaids. As you may have noticed our cast has been dwindling as of late. I am going to go offline for a small amount of time and reboot what PraiseBob was meant to be.


  1. I wanted PraiseBob to be newbie friendly and to connect with new players and encourage them to join this amazing game. This needs new focus and better content from us.
  2. I wanted to encourage players to enter WH space. I want to give WH space a reason to listen to podcasts and provide fun and alternative content to our fun and alternative play style. This sadly has devolved into more of a once a month new splurge about shit that doesn't really matter in the long run to WH space whatsoever.
  3. Multi-boxing, I wanted also recently to become a voice for the multi-boxing community. I have worked with ShadowandLight as well as Lord and well honestly the majority of the multi-boxing community doesn't seem to care or want representation. So I am now officially removing myself from the lime light in-regards to multi-boxing. I will reitterate that I am and always will be a multi-box supporter and am continuing to multi-box. There are however others who know more and are willing to work with the fragile community we have.
Now, many of you may have noticed that I am no longer CEO of Oath of the Forsaken. This is in relation to my joining of BL and their corporation Origin.

I am not and will not claim any leadership or leadership contact. I am simply a line member looking to rekindle my love for this game from the game itself and not the community or media. i have lost my way and Bob has decree'd that I am to leave WH space to regrow my appreciation for its love and wonder.

With that being said I am still in WH space on my second main Trogdor and still participate in Oaths ongoing fun, just no longer in a Leadership Position.

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