Thursday, March 5, 2015

Episode 27

Host: Angrod Losshelin
CoHost: Mr.X
CoHost: DEM

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Angrod for CSM X - Voting Time! Check out the latest in the crusade or witchhunt against multi-boxers.

Let talk about CSM: 77 candidates...WOW only 15 will make it, who will break it? Go to to see who thinks likee you!

CCP Pelgio
"This is more or less CCP’s stance on multiboxing, if you filed a ticket asking if you can multibox, in a nutshell it says that CCP will never sanction or authorize use of a third party program because we don’t have control over the feature set. That’s why there might be some confusion because there is a sort of grey area. We will action on it if […] This is the stance outlined on the third party policy page on our website. So this is the amount of accounts we have flagged […] ISboxers will frequently contact us because it is a grey area […] We have stats on what ISboxers are doing […] but there’s no standard ISboxer. Peligro's edit: Refer to

Some of the first drifters are being killed!

X’s Corner/Dumpster

Svipul is out! Super cool ship with alot of potential.

CosPlay at Fanfest:
NPE Changes:


DEM’s Nerfbat Report

T3 Defensive Subs Nerf

Sentry Drone Nerf

No fighter assist
Ishtar damage reduced by 25%

A Huge thanks to those who make songs about eve:

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