Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Episode 26 - Silver Lining

Host: Angrod Losshelin
CoHost: Mr.X
CoHost: DEM
Guest ShadowandLight

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Angrod for CSM X - More multi-boxing fiasco’s and Angrod’s censored stuff.

http://www.bobinmyhole.com/ Check out the latest in the crusade or witchhunt against multi-boxers.

There may be a silver lining though. A very small clarification was made on EveRadio by CCP Falcon


VideoFX and other features outside Input Duplication is not considered an offense.

Thera Jump Clone Service and TotalEve.com

Thera Post is a corporation that provides clone service to Thera.
How it works....
You apply to join Thera post and I accept your application. Once you are a member of Thera Post, Simply follow these 6 steps.

#1 Dock in a station with medical services.
#2 Click on the medical services icon.
#3 Click on the “change station” button.
#4 Select the “Thera XII-The Sanctuary Surveillance Observatory” office.
#5 Leave ship.(right click your ship and select ”leave ship”)
#6 Click the “Self Destruct” button.

Now you are in Thera and may leave corporation.

http://totaleve.com/ is a simple solution to all of your eve media and community needs. Quite simply its simple and thats why we love it!

X’s Corner/Dumpster






DEM’s Tinfoil Factory

My current feeling is that the Sisters were somehow able to establish a stable wormhole to Thera. This allowed them to build the stations there. Then something happened and the connection was severed. I'm guessing some sort of device that uses isogen-5 was used to keep the wormhole stable. I'm guessing this device was destroyed the explosion of which was Caroline's star
Large scale isogen-5 detonations seem to cause tears in spacetime (Seyllin incident).
So this one had two 3 main effects
1.opening the new wormholes to shattered systems

2. Somehow disrupting the Sansha's Nation ability to create and control steady wormholes at will.

3. Damaged the cloaking devices of sleeper structures that were already in K-space for who knows how long (the unidentified structures)
I think the Seekers are just security / recon drones that were in/on on the unidentified structures that were activated when the structure's cloaking devices were damaged
Bottom line, what's really going on
I think The Other is trying to start a war between The Sleepers and the empires of New Eden. So that he can then third party it (by taking control of
all the clone soldiers that have sleeper implants in them) and basically conquer the New Eden cluster
Really its The Other (an intelligent entity born solely of the virtual reality simulation of the sleepers, invading the corporeal universe

Quoted from MMMJJJ on our corp groupme

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