Sunday, January 11, 2015

Episode 25

Host: Angrod Losshelin
CoHost: Mr.X

Introductions - Holidays and Bronchitis

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Angrod for CSM X

First show me some support here:

My main area of contention regarding these frigates is actually the scanning rigs themselves. Which would in turn assist tech two and SOE faction ships. Currently scanning rigs T1 are 200 calibration with T1 scanning frigates only having 400 available to use. This means at max they can receive a 20% bonus to scanning.

Angrod invited to Fanfest. Things just worked out :)

Thera Jump Clone Service

I think Thera Post is the best service to talk about becues it is running smoothly. EVE Archive is working but I need more scanners putting bookmarks on contracts befor it becomes a 24/7 working service.

Thera Post is a corporation that povides clone service to Thera.
How it works....
You apply to join Thera post and I accept your application. Once you are a member of Thera Post, Simply fallow these 6 steps.

#1 Dock in a station with medical services.
#2 Click on the medical services icon.
#3 Click on the “change station” button.
#4 Select the “Thera XII-The Sanctuary Surveillance Observatory” office.
#5 Leave ship.(right click your ship and select ”leave ship”)
#6 Click the “Self Destruct” button.

Now you are in Thera and may leave corporation.

Who qualifies?
#1 If you are a new Capsuleer. (30 days or newer)
#2 If you have not moved your medical clone in the last year.

why? ccp changed how we move around EVE in the last update.
(quote from Dev Blog....)

“You can normally only move your medical clone to the station you are currently docked in.
You can always set your medical clone to your starter corporation’s HQ station.
This removes the method of moving your clone and then podkilling yourself to quickly teleport at will.

Once per year, characters can move their medical clone to either their corp HQ, or any station in which their corporation has an office. This option does not accumulate if it is unused.
For characters less than 30 days old, every time they change corp this counter will reset and they will be able to move their clone again.
This makes it easier for new players to move to where their new corp is based, now that they can no longer podjump there. Older players are assumed to be capable of relocating themselves without assistance.”
-Dev Blog.

This service is free and I don't even talk to people using the it unless they ask me a question. I just want it to operate like Estel Jumpclone Service. Most people have used that service and love it. I don't think they have jumpclone service to thera, there are no agents in the stations in Thera.

X’s corner/dumpster

Coming in Proteus:

Combat recons Dscan immune

New Exequror Hull

Module Teiricide continues

Gravel in Asteroid belts (originally supposed to be Rhea

New stuff for beta map

Small mining anoms in starter systems

Removal of teams from production/research

Aura in German/Russian

New music/Proteus Theme music from CCP RealX
Avaliable here

Sov progress update: They’re working on it. Nothing new really


  1. You must add these to iTunes! The name alone would drive people nuts! And... I could save this for the road and not be tied to WiFi to listen.